Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Important Child Safety Tips

Really interesting and valuable stuff from Terry Parker:


Ex-Pedophile Shares Tips On How To Make Your Kids Less Attractive

There, I FIxed It

A Perfect website for the handyman in all of us...I came across this site today and had to post some of my favorite ideas, tips and photos of some creative ways to get stuff done. Great if you need to do some household or automotive repairs but have absolutely no business doing so:

Only thing missing is the cup holder.

What ecosystem is your water from?

Two bedroom, one bath with lighted balcony available.

"Yea...she's a Benz"

A clean mouth is a happy...mouth?

What can I say, asked and answered.

Welcome to the Double Deuce!

You gotta love the door but what really makes it are the upgraded hinges.

Ready for the half pile.

"I can get 60 miles to the gallon on this hog..."

Actually...I really like this one.

"Have you seen my Wham CD?"

"What would you have done...just leave them there?"

"Hey doc, when we're done here can you check out my bumper?"

With the new storm door installed, Cletus felt fully prepared for upcoming tornado season.

From the good folks over at There, I Fixed it.


Dogs Rule...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Know How I Know...?

Because you my friend are a HUGE Top Gun fan.


NSFW ~ Language

Oh yea, like you never thought about it.

Public Service Announcement

As a service to our readers...we here at BSHQ like to offer up small pearls of wisdom that we've either discovered, learned about or actually lived through in order to help you with your decisions moving forward.

This one should speak for itself but for those of you reading from Tucson, try not to post things about your boss or job on your Facebook page if you've befriended them on FB. And yes, I'm serious.

Mom, How About That Meatloaf? Now!

One Third of men under 40 live at home. From our friends over at Just a Guy Thing found this feel good story.

"A recent survey revealed that one in three men under the age of 40 still live at home.
The study of 3,000 men and women in Britain found that women fare better living independently, with only 20% still living with their parents at age 40.

Men clearly did not fare as well. Even worse, a full one in 4 men who have left the nest still keep a fully furnished bedroom at their parent’s place in case they need to return. Of those living at home, cost was cited as the main factor, with nearly 60 percent saying they live with the ‘rents to save money.

More than half of the homebodies also admitted their mothers still cook for them and do their laundry. An astounding 18 percent of men 20 to 40 have their lunch packed for them every morning. The credit crunch is also playing a factor. One in five who live at home do so because of the recession. But 12 percent also confessed that they liked being taken care of by their mothers."

I don't know about you guys but I moved out of the folks place at 17. Really? 18% of men 20 - 40 have their lunches packed every morning? I get the money saving thing but pick up the slack losers!

Does This Makes You Want To Eat At Quizno's?

Or just stir other feelings...?

May not be SFW...I'm just sayin'