Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can Someone Explain This To Me?

For those of you who may not know, I am one of those evil, planet destroying, self-absorbed and non caring SUV drivers. What can I say? I like my ride and I need something large enough to tow my carbon emitting, wicked, ozone killing boat. Now I am not going off on a rant here.

Many years ago I made the decision that there are several things I promised I would never complain about because THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I COULD DO TO CHANGE THEM. The weather was one, gas prices are another example.

OK, I get it, oil has gone up dramatically and apparently gas prices are at record levels (a story that was almost overlooked by the mainstream media). That is not my beef here. I filled up yesterday and took advantage of the “convenient” pay at the pump credit card swipe thingy. Here’s the question; has no one told the folks who program these pumps that the price has doubled?

The $50.00 limit was fine a year or so ago when you could fill up and hit that amount or be close enough. But come on, can we adjust this figure so I don’t have to ‘reload’ three freaking times just to top off?

OK, I got that out, please continue with whatever it was you were doing.

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wamk said...

You are looking at it the wrong way-use this opportunity to "stick it to the man"!

The CC companies charge the business a fee for each transaction-instead of doing 3 $50 transactions, do 15 $10 transactions. Then sit back and watch them earn less and less for the same product.

Of course, only use this strategy at the "big guys" pumps, not local mom and pops.