Monday, July 28, 2008

How Many Song Titles Can You Name?

Bonus points for the artist. List your score in comments...














From GraphJam


wamk said...

I'll take a stab:

1. Right Said Fred, "I'm too sexy"
2. The Beatles, "All you need is love"
3. Some insipid group, "I'm a Barbie girl"
4. Meat Loaf, "I'd do anything (but I won't do that)"
5. The Cure, "Friday (I'm in love)"
6. Shakira, "Hips don't lie"
7. Steve Miller Band, WTF is the name of this song?!
8. Clash, "Should I stay or should I go"
9. Evita, "Don't cry for me Argentina"
10. JT and ONJ, "You're the one that i want"
11. Arrrrgh!, "I shot the Sheriff (But I did not shoot the deputy)"
12. MY, "Billie Jean"
13. ?

Especial K said...

I suck!

jl said...

Isn't #7 Joker? That's one of your kareokees!! ??

No idea about #13 - it's got to be a lame one from teh 50s

Bojo said... close people.

WAMK, nice try and I must say 10 out of 13 on the songs ain't bad (no credit for Meatloaf, the name of the song is "I'd do Anything for LOVE", sorry no score here. And 9 out of 13 for the artist is impressive (come on, make an effort for Barbie, no credite for Evita, this was the Madonna version!).

wamk said...


I should get credit for "Evita"-there's no way you can tell from the graph that Madonna did that version.

And I should get partial credit for Meatloaf.

Bojo said... game, my rules. You got partial credit for Meatloaf, the artist. How long have you been living in Denver? It's starting to wear off.

wamk said...

stoopid rules.

Bojo said...

Here you go:
1. "I'm Too Sexy" ~ Right Said Fred
2. "All You Need Is Love" ~ The Beatles
3. "Barbie Girl" ~ Aqua
4. "I Would Do Anything For Love" ~ Meatloaf
5. "Friday I'm In Love" ~ The Cure
6. "Hips Don't Lie" ~ Shakira
7. "The Joker" ~ Steve Miller Band
8. "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" ~ The Clash
9. "Don't Cry For Me Aregentia" ~ Madonna (sorry, this is the new cover version from her movie, you should be able to tell by the poster"
10. "You're The One That I Want" ~ John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
11. "I Shot The Sheriff" ~ Bob Marley (we would also accepted Eric Clapton but not Evita)
12. "Billie Jean" ~ Michael Jackson
13. "I Am The Walrus" ~ The Beatles

Thanks for playing! Keep an eye out for more quizes in the future...