Friday, July 11, 2008

News From Home

Do they wear magic underwear?
Mormon crickets return to Idaho ~
BOISE - Warmer temperatures are causing Mormon crickets to resurface in Idaho. The Department of Agriculture says the crickets are on the move and that the cricket activity varies from year to year- so it’s hard to predict where the infestations will even occur. "In the last three weeks the big movement has happened since the warmer temperatures in June," said Dick Lawson, with the Department of Agriculture’s Mormon Cricket control division. Link Here

Sounds like they are arriving just in time:
New Twin Falls LDS temple set for opening ~
TWIN FALLS - After two years of construction, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Twin Falls area now have a new temple to attend. In just a few days the Twin Falls Temple will open to the public. Church members in Twin Falls say they are thrilled to have a house of worship so close to home. "It has a feeling I think that is tangible to many people,” Ann Guthrie with the Twin Falls Temple Committee said. “There's just a peace and a security." Link Here



I have found girls that say they cannot or the classic “I am a good girl” usually take their shirts off with the same breath. I also love the “I don’t normally do this”. Girls you know who you are!

jaimee said...

Seriously, how do I get one of those shirts?