Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Magazine Out For Men

Full of tons of useful stuff for those of you men out there who are married or in a committed relationship. Just a few topics in the first issue:

~ Be your own boss (When she's not around)

~ Coping with the loss of friends

~ Dealing with the absence of sex

~ 10 new ways to sleep on the couch

~ How to get out of her family events

~ How to keep her happy without getting yelled at

Thanks Chris

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Chris said...

So I shared this with one of my male co-workers and without skipping a beat, he started complaining about how his wife will not let him trade-in his car for a new one. Poor guy! If anyone knows the editor of this magazine please schedule a one-on-one for him. I told him to tell his wife, striper or new car! Choose! Sleeping on the couch, he may want to read that first.